Voter Engagement

Voter engagement has never reached over 50% of the population in US Congressional District UT-03 in the past two decades.  A part of this is due to a lack of readily available information and a lack of interest.  This is a nationwide trend, and it deteriorates the democratic insitutions of this nation's framework.  As part of my campaign, I intend to boost voter engagement through advertisements about the following events: Voter's Day and monthly Town Halls.  All of this to help synthesize solutions that work for us on municipal, county, state, and national levels.

If only there were a way to institute a national holiday that would allow all citizens the time required to vote!  As candidate for UT-03, I intend to pass legislation that will allow all citizens the day off, so they can participate in our Democratic Republic.  It's ridiculous that we haven't made this into a national holiday already.

I'll be doing monthly town halls for the extended of my campaign in order to help synthesize solutions that work for all of us in the district, rather than a select few.


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