Patient-Focused Healthcare

Patient-Focused Healthcare takes the Medicare-for-all initiative one step further by guaranteeing hospitals are reinvesting their profits into their own systems, not to board members.  I work in a healthcare system that does that, and it's considered one of the best healthcare systems in the nation.  You've probably heard of it: Intermountain Healthcare.  Now, I'm not saying that Intermountain does their job 100% effectively in quality.  There are always tweaks to make things better.  What I am saying is that a non-profit hospital with committed reinvestments will focus more on patient care quality than a for-profit hospital.  I propose all for-profit hospitals be formally re-categorized as non-profit corporations, with a specific tax code meant for them.  I believe that getting hospitals to reinvest in themselves will ultimately be for the benefit of the hospital and the people who are cared for there.

As a pre-med student who has done veritable research into the healthcare system, it is widely apparent that patients are not being prioritized.  While similar healthcare quality is provided in Japan and the United Kingdom (among others), they pay only a fraction of the price that Americans do.  This is due to the large profit-margins taken by Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Insurance, and overpaid administrators. 

COVID-19 has significantly demonstrated the overwhelming flaws in our healthcare system.  In the midst of a pandemic, hospitals across the country are not equipped to handle this extreme stress.  Not only are the patients not being prioritized with readily available vaccines, but the healthcare workers are not being prioritized with adequate supplies and emergency resources.  

I personally have worked within the healthcare system as a background worker in sterile processing and know from experience that hospital administrators do not prioritize worker pay so as to retain larger profits.  All of this is bad for patient care, given that lower paid workers are subject to high turnover--meaning the workers are constantly in training and cannot confirm the same quality as an experienced worker.

My primary goal is creating legislation that re-prioritizes the healthcare system in favor of the patients, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and background workers; but I will support legislation for universal coverage, single-payer or public option.