Combating Climate Change

Combating Climate Change is an initiative that both parties must embrace before moving forward.  Regardless of who you are or what party you are affiliated with, Climate Change can and will negatively impact your life if we do not act now, together as a nation.  Our world is one of finite resources, one of which being climate.  The year to year weather changes are ever-so-slight, but if we do not take care, we will be like the frog that sat in a pot of water as it slowly boiled.  It is imprudent to roll back regulations that economize fuel usage.  It is imprudent to say, "The oil is there, why not use it?"  Moreover, it is imprudent to expect that 8 billion people will not have a massive effect on their environment.  I take the stance that many others do: I stand for Combating Climate Change.  We can do a lot now to foster carbon-less energy sector growth, not only in our country but in less developed countries worldwide.  Our investment now will pay off massive dividends in the coming decades as we see the world responsibly create energy and--what's more-- responsibly use it.

As a biology major, I continue to be baffled that climate change legislation has not been enacted.  In Utah, we see the effects of climate change on our daily commute.  Investment is key to combating the bad effects of climate change.  We need to invest in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient infrastructure.  This will create jobs and set the United States up for success over the next half century.  

If we treated climate change as we've treated COVID-19 (or rather, as a public health crisis that ravages our way of life), then rest assured that we could get legislation passed to combat the problematic effects of climate change.  

Climate change, a hot political debate topic, has not been brought to legislation since 2009 when the American Clean Energy and Security Act failed in the Senate after being marginally passed in the House of Representatives (219-212).  Shameful!—I’ll be honest, it’s absurd that we have not come to measures which could save our planet.

It is obvious that our world is becoming smaller and more accessible by way of technological advancement.  This, in turn, makes catastrophic weather events more visible and more frightening.  Hurricanes and wildfires occur yearly but seem to devastate more domestic interests of the local, state, and national governments.

I have recently heard an argument in contrast to taking action in establishing renewable energy measures: “It’s too late, and there isn’t enough time or money to resolve the issue.”  How defeatist!  How absurdly irresponsible!  If such is the basis of all contrary argument, those who take this stance are directly responsible for damages caused by these problems.  Burke, a noted philosopher once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that [the good] should do nothing.”  I assert that stances opposing public betterment to be stances made as enemies to the public.

Let’s identify some background players.  164 U.S. organizations have spent billions over the last two decades to alter public opinion on the science of climate change.  These are organizations which monetarily benefit from the misinformation of the public on this issue.  They monetarily benefit from the perpetuation of this system of fossil fuel usage.  The auto industry, the oil companies, the coal power companies, the refineries, the lobbyists, and think-tanks.  Burke also is noted for saying, “When [the bad] combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

The data to support climate change has been available since the 1970s.  Without losing my temper about the shamefulness of the fact that Congress has had 50 years to save the planet, I want to point out that it is not too late!  There is still time to cool our planet.  There is still time to save lives!

Those who do nothing are also complicit in the damages caused by catastrophic weather events.  Every human should concern themselves with climate change.  

I am tired of the partisan fighting.  Let's get a plan of action passed and history can decide who gets the credit.